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Campbeltown is a must-visit for the whisky enthusiast, being one of the five major production regions, the others being Highland, Lowland, Speyside and Islay. Each region's characteristics are captured from the soil through which the spring water flows, the wind blowing from the land or sea, as well as the method of drying the malted barley (ie with or without peat) before being distilled and transformed into the water of life – Uisge Beatha. Campbeltown's resurgence as a Whisky Region continues, with two new Distilleries in the planning stage and due to be operational within the year. These will be Dál Riata Distillery and Machrihanish Distillery.





Springbank Distillerry, run by J&A Mitchell and Co Ltd, Scotland’s oldest distilling family,  opened their distillery in 1828, on the site of the previous illicit still of Archibald Mitchell. It is  unique amongst Scotland’s distilleries in that all parts of the production process, from traditional  floor malting to bottling, are carried out in the one location. It is the  only distillery in Scotland to produce three different single malts,  Springbank (medium peated), Longrow (heavily peated) and  Hazelburn (non-peated). Longrow, and the triple distilled Hazelburn are both named in honour of former (now defunct) Distilleries in the town. 

One of only three survivors of a reputed 34 distilleries producing in the town in the late 1900s. Springbank have won multiple accolades, including 'Whisky Distillers of the Year 2010'. All brands are bottled in an array of ages and in a variety of hogsheads, barrels and casks, such as Bourbon, Sauternes,  Barolo, Malbec, Sherry etc, as well as many other Wood expressions and Limited Editions. 


glengyle distillery

J&A Mitchell, as well as being the owners of the oldest Distillery in Campbeltown, are now also  responsible for the newest, having re-opened the Old Glengyle Distillery, on its original site, in  March 2004. With only seven staff, the spirit is produced in very limited quantities. Thus having a  rarity value. The new single malt Kilkerran (lightly peated) has itself won numerous awards, and is  bottled in various ages, wood expressions and strengths. The whisky is named after Campbeltown  itself, Ceann Loch Kilkerran being the original name of the town in Gaelic. 

Springbank and Glengyle Distilleries welcome visitors by appointment and also to various  scheduled tours and tastings, and the new shop. They also run several annual Whisky Schools,  where enthusiasts can participate in all of the Distillery processes. During the Malt Festival in May  and at Christmas time, the Malt barns are opened to visitors when a wide selection of local  businesses are invited to display their wares for a Christmas Festival.  

Contact to discover more about the Springbank Society, distillery  visits and more...Or visit Cadenheads Whisky Shop, in Longrow to ask about Distillery visits, or to  buy from a huge range of Malt Whisky and other spirits. Both Whisky shops also sell merchandise


glen scotia

Glen Scotia is the third Campbeltown Distillery, producing since 1832,  now owned by Loch Lomond Distillery, it is reputedly haunted at night by the spectre of a previous owner who drowned himself in Campbeltown Loch.


he beautiful new visitor centre is very  welcoming, with regular Distillery visits, and a superb shop. Recently they even staged an Opera! The main Glen Scotia single malts are  Double Cask, Victoriana, and a 15 year Old, but there are always a number of expressions and single cask limited editions of the award winning single malt brand, some peated, some not.  

Glen Scotia welcomes visitors by appointment and to various scheduled tours and tastings. The visitor centre shop sells a wide array of   merchandise, as well as the amber nectar! 

beinn an tuirc

Beinn an Tuirc is quite a recent addition to the distillery family in the Campbeltown area. Producing a number of Gin varieties at their sustainable still just North of Campbeltown at Torrisdale, this multi award winning company boasts Kintyre Gin, Tarbert Legbiter Navy Strength Gin, Pink Gin, Orange and Coffee Liqueur and Oloroso Aged Gin. Starting by creating a hydro-electric power source on their own land to run the still, they have continued to keep sustainability at the forefront of their thinking. There is now a shop, a cafe and a Gin School.

In Campbeltown there are various shops associated with the distilleries: Halls of Campbeltown for  Gins and a variety of Beers; Cadenheads for Springbank related items plus a number of their own  bottlings and merchandise; Springbank shop on the Distillery site itself, and the Glen Scotia  Distillery shop. Enjoy!

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